The Hibernian Mysteries As The Foundation of Biodynamics Part IV

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By L.A. Rotheraine

(EDITORS NOTE: L.A. Rotheraine is the Master Gardener for the only government funded Biodynamic garden in the USA  Evergreen Elm, Bradford, PA)

...Aristotle himself, however, used to continually say to his pupil Alexander that ether that is away there beyond the realm of earthly warmth  the light ether, the chemical ether and the life ether  was once upon a time united with the Earth. It came in as far as to the Earth. And when the Moon withdrew in the ancient epoch of evolution, then the Ether withdrew from the Earth. And so all that is around us in space as dead world  so ran Aristotle's teaching to his pupil Alexander  is not permeated with Ether. When however, Springtime approaches, and plants, animals and human beings come forth to new life on Earth, then the elementary spirits bring down again the Ether from out of the realm of the Moon, bring it down into these newborn beings. Thus is the Moon the shaper and molder of beings.

Standing before that great female figure in the Hibernian Mysteries, the pupil of the Mysteries had a most vivid experience of how the Ether does not really belong to the Earth, but is brought down thither by the elementary spirits, every year, in so far as it is needed for the upspringing of life.

Rudolf Steiner, December 27, 1923, Dornach, Switzerland

Selke BD Cherry Tomatoes with Blue Ribbon. Photo by Roger Comes.
Throughout the 1991 television newscast of the Selke BD Cherry Tomato Plant, I tried to explain that the BD Compost Starter and BD science  from the preps to our calendar  enhance the processes that Aristotle described to Alexander. The ABC cameraman was wearing a Hibernian Society shirt. After about an hour and a half of shooting (to get 3 minutes for the evening news!) I offered him a beer. He accepted and wanted to talk about corn- posting. With the Hibernian Society staring me in the face and the friendship we had developed working on the news tape, I could not resist answering his questions as honestly as possible under the circumstances. I explained to him that the seeds of Biodynamics were sown in ancient Ireland in the Hibernian Mysteries.

It doesn't surprise me, was his answer.His answer surprised me.

I told him how the radiations from the Hibernian mysteries worked into the souls of the ancient world after Atlantis was destroyed. I was talking of Dr. Steiner's teaching that the radiations of the Hibernian Mysteries worked their way into Gilgamesh's soul while he was in spiritual contact with his deceased friend Eabani. Without mentioning names I explained how this wisdom (these individualities) eventually metamorphosed into Aristotle and Alexander and a further metamorphosis of the Hibernian wisdom takes place when the Aristotelianim knowledge is used by Dr. Steiner in the conception of the Biodynamic preparations, the science of Biodynamics and through his lectures that became his book, Agriculture. On December 28, 1923, Dr. Steiner said:

Now you must remember, my dear friends, that the individuality who was in Alexander the Great had come into close contact with the Hibernian Mysteries during the Gilgamish time, when he made his journey westward to the neighborhood of the modern Burgenland. These Mysteries had lived in him after a very ancient manner,for it was in the time when the West resounded still with powerful echoes of the Atlantean age. And now all this experience was carried over into the condition of human existence that runs its course between death and a new birth. Then later the two friends, Eabani and Gilgamish, found themselves together again in life in Ephesus, and there they entered into a deeply conscious experience of what they had experienced formerly during the Gilgamish time more or less unconsciously or subconsciously in connection with the Divine Spiritual worlds.

One only needs to read Steiner's Occult Science and Mystery Knowledge and Mystery Centers and use his book Agriculture as their practical workbook to realize what knowledge began to work into their souls.

Thus the seeds of the science that would be called Biodynamics can be traced back to Atlantis and the Hibernian Mysteries. These seeds flowered in ancient Greece and reached fruition through Rudolf Steiner vis-a-vis the Agriculture course in 1924.It is quite obvious from that tomato plant that all composting operations should be Biodynamic. Why aren't they? We've never seen vegetables as large and healthy as in these Biodynamic gardens of yours, said the cameraman.

Adversarial forces control the scientific concepts taught in our schools of this age. Materialism, matter without spirit, is what is believed to be the reality of the 20th Century science. Since people can't see life in the heavens, it is quite easy for retro grade beings to convince people it doesn't exist. If you tell people that this extra earthly energy must be brought into earthly soil to create a healthy balance with the earth's forces, they laugh,  I said.

We'll see what happens when our people see these tapes, he said as we finished our beer with a toast to the Hibernian Mysteries.

ABC Buffalo let me do an edited version of Aristotle's teachings to Alexander, and I finished with how the BD Compost Starter, the BD Preparations and our Biodynamic science enhances the energies Aristotle speaks about. I concluded with the fact that the Selke BD Cherry Tomato is a living proof of this lost ancient wisdom.

I was sitting with my students watching a video tape of the newscast the following day and one of them picked up something the newscaster said at the end of the newscast that I had missed.The newscaster said with a big smile on his face, Well I think it's all just in the seeds.

It's just in the seeds, Mr. Rotheraine, a student called out. The others started to mumble amongst themselves.

Thoughtless anger entered me. In one sentence a reporter negated the truths we all work so hard to bring into the world. It took me several days to realize he was as correct as I was. The seeds were Biodynamic. Other gardeners up here that use the Stella*Natura Calendar, and Evergreen Elm's organic garbage hill technique, but had purchased seedlings from a greenhouse had not produced any thing like the the plant pictured with this article. The difference was the Selke BD Cherry Tomato Seeds. Our seeds, like our science, are a gift from a higher world.

L.A. Rotheraine with the Selke Biodynamic Cherry Tomato Plant

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L.A. Rotheraine is a writer, lecturer and award winning biodynamic gardener in Bradford, PA.


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