Earth's Gardening Angels

(Angelic Engineering - Intelligent Design - Biodynamics)

Master Gardener Shares Philosophy

By L. A. Rotheraine

The stars and planets in cosmic space
Are a mighty Angelic Race
Raising life in darkness's wake,
Weaving order from chaotic fate,
Changing the nature of spirit to create earth life.
Angels conceived the Human Race
As a co-creative celestial State.

from Thunderform Gods

The biodynamic preparations are made to bring creative, healing energy back into the earth. The earth is dying through her natural aging process and misuse by humans.

Ancient humanity had an instinctive knowledge of this life-giving energy and how to use it. With it our ancestors were able to achieve some of the technological wonders that still baffle contemporary humanity. The pyramids in Egypt and South America, New Grange in Ireland, and the megalithic structures throughout the ancient world were built in union with heavenly activity. They are proof of an intelligence that is beyond the grasp of twentieth century science.

Ancient architectural structures like Stonehenge
were designed to help humans work with creative heavenly energies.


All life is a result of heavenly, celestial activity. This concept, once known, had been forgotten in our times until Dr. Rudolf Steiner, together with a group of farmers, formulated it anew. Biodynamic science uses this formative heavenly energy by applying yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian to a compost pile, and spraying "horn" manure on the soil and horn silica on the plants. (1)

The most important aspect of biodynamic agricultural science is that the formative forces that create the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms have their origin in the angelic hierarchies. (2)

It is the angels of the Bible that are behind nature, indeed are nature. The spiritual beings that the ancients called "gods" are the same beings we call "angels." Once humans and angels worked together under special circumstances in the creation of the nature kingdoms of the earth. Thousands of years before Christ, Sun King of the Angels, conquered death with His resurrection, knowledge of Him was taught in the Atlantean Sun Oracle. Oracles were the forerunners of today's churches. They were the names of ancient places where wise men and women were instructed in the mysteries of creation by our angelic teachers. The highest oracle (sanctuary) was that of the Sun (Christ = Son) Oracle. This Sun Oracle survived the biblical Great Flood in the region we call Ireland today. The mysteries of the Sun Oracle metamorphosed into the Hibernian (Irish) Mysteries after the final destruction of Atlantis.

At the time of the Hibemian Mysteries the etheric energy (life energy) of the earth was of a much purer, living state, declining after the demise of the Mysteries. It would take a spiritually conscious humanity to resurrect the, aging earth. In biodynamics Rudolf Steiner and the farmers he taught brought back the relationship between the earth and the cosmos, between humans and angels. Science is not science unless knowledge of how the angels create life is relearned. All earthly life is but a manifestation of these spiritual creators.

Biodynamic science marks the end of the common misconception of Darwinian theory that humans are evolved earthly monkeys, and shows that humanity is a divine spiritual hierarchy, one step below the angels. It is a path back to the Kingdom of the Sun.

The spiritual world working through horn manure, horn silica, and the other biodynamic preparations can create produce like that viewed above. For the beginner in biodynamics the BD Field Spray can achieve similiar results. For more information see our article, "A Tale Of Two Tomatoes".


Copyright  1999 L.A. Rotheraine

First printed in The Bradford Journal.

1. Agriculture, Dr. R.Steiner, Josephine Porter Institute of Applied Biodynamics.

2. The Bible names nine hierarchies of angels above the human race: Angels, Archangels, Archai, Exusiai, Dynamis, Kyriotetes, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim. Thus we see why the early Church considered the earth the center of the solar system, feeling that after the Resurrection the King of the Angelic Hierarchies was on earth. See also Angels, Dr. R. Steiner, Josephine Porter Institute.

Editor's Note: L.A. Rotheraine is a writer, lecturer and award-winning biodynamic gardener in Bradford, PA.