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Atlantis, Ireland, the Brain, and Horn Manure
originally appeared in Lilipoh magazine.

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L.A. Rotheraine stands next to a single Selke Organic Biodynamic Cherry Tomato plant. The seed making process Rotheraine deploys gives science the opportunity to relearn the secrets of the ancients, and humanity the possibility of conscious reunion with the angels.

Atlantis, Ireland,
the Brain, and
Horn Manure

by L.A. Rotheraine

The stars and the planets in cosmic space
Are a mighty Angelic Race
Raising life in darkness's wake,
Weaving order from chaotic fate,
Changing the nature of spirit to create
Earth life.
Angels conceived the Human Race
As a co-creative celestial State

L. A. Rotheraine
from Thunderform Gods


Before - organically deficient dead sludge.

After - (Left) Buckwheat in same sludge sprayed with BD Field Spray plus Horn Manure - (Right) Grasses and grains in the same sludge sprayed with Horn Manure and Thun Barrel Compost.

Contrast - Bob Cummins stands in the middle of a sludge field that was prepared with two different methods. The area immediately around him was burned by chemical fertilizers. Notice it is lighter in color. The lush area surrounding the burned area was prepared with horn manure spray.
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Before reading this article on horn manure please consider the following facts and watch this free 15 minute video.

This article contains information from our article Success Story.

Kim Benjamin, executive director of the Bradford City Water Authority, tells us about how Bradford has become a model for other cities in transforming barren ground into fields of winter wheat, oats, fescue and rye grasses.

The water authority made a formal presentation at the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association conference in Hershey in regard to the ongoing success of its land reclamation projects on the Bradford watershed.

In the city's project, residual waste from the water treatment process is used as a soil base.

The result is that a vibrant turf has evolved at selected sites, Kim tells us.

Unimpeded by this year's dry, arid summer and with no commercial fertilizers, Rotheraines use of biodynamic liquid compost preparations have produced healthy grasses and grains that shall benefit a variety of wildlife which inhabits the watershed," he adds.

Since 1996, the authority has been operating under a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection permit to reclaim barren land and at the same time dispose of water treatment residual waste.

This environmentally friendly method has proven not just beneficial to wildlife and the watershed, but to Bradford water customers wallets as well, Kim reports.

Conventional disposal runs as high as $70 per cubic yard to dewater, process and haul residuals to a landfill, and tipping fees. By comparison, the land application costs run just under $29 per cubic yard. Thus, this year's 5,000 cubic yard project has saved $215,000 compared to conventional disposal.

Since Bradford City Water Authority started using this environmentally friendly disposal technique back in 1996, many water systems statewide have worked with Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to be permitted for land reclamation.

Cummins Construction Agronomist L.A. Rotheraine displays healthy root systems that developed in sludge sprayed with horn manure, BD Field Spray, and or Thun Barrel Compost

L.A. Rotheraine, Biodynamic Master Gardener with Jordan Evan, Executive
Chef at the Penn Hills Club, show Biodynamic Butternut Squash.

Master Gardener Shares Philosophy

Strange as this concept seems to the 20th century, biodynamic science is a new form of the primeval wisdom given to humanity by spiritual beings that contemporary humanity calls angels and ancient civilizations called gods. In ancient times, the angels told humans how to use spiritual forces to create plants and animals on earth.1 Angelic engineering is how the earth, the physical universe was created. Genetics is only the consequence of angelic engineering - intelligent design.

The biodynamic agricultural science is our path back to this creative wisdom. This wisdom survived the destruction of Atlantis in
primeval Ireland. The destruction of Atlantis is the Great Flood in the Bible.

Ancient humanity had an instinctive knowledge of heavenly energy and how to use it. With it our ancestors were able to achieve some of the technological wonders that still baffle contemporary humanity. The pyramids in Egypt and South America, New Grange in Ireland, and the megalithic structures throughout the ancient world were built in union with heavenly activity. They are proof of an intelligence that is beyond the grasp of
twentieth century science.

All life is a result of heavenly, celestial activity. This concept, once known, had been forgotten in our times until Dr. Rudolf Steiner, together with a group of farmers, formulated it anew. 2 Biodynamic science uses this formative heavenly energy by applying yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian to a compost pile, and spraying horn manure on the soil and horn silica on the plants.3

The most important aspect of biodynamic agricultural science is that the formative forces that create the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms have their origins in the angelic hierarchies.

The spiritual world working through horn manure, horn silica, and the other biodynamic preparations can create produce like that viewed above. For the beginner in biodynamics the BD Field Spray can achieve similiar results. For more information see our article, "A Tale Of Two Tomatoes".

It is the angels of the Bible that are behind nature, indeed are nature. The spiritual beings that the ancients called `gods' are the same beings we call `angels.' Once humans and angels worked together under special circumstances in the creation of the nature kingdoms of the earth. Ireland was a special place on the earth for this communication between angels and humans. This is because the Irish Mysteries were a continuation of the Atlantean Christ Mysteries and survived the final destruction of Atlantis. The Irish-Atlantean Christ Mysteries were also called the Sun Mysteries.

Biodynamic agriculture is the continuation , the metamorphosed Hibernian [Irish} Mysteries in the 20th Century. From the Hibernian perspective, human thought is a microcosm of earthly weather. Thought processes impregnate the brain with pictures from the spirit, much like nature's seasonal changes give us different pictures at different times of the year. Everything on Earth is a thought form--even a car or TV are substances sculpted and designed by human thought.

The brain is a mass of earthly substance for the reception of cosmic forces--thoughts from our soul and spirit and thoughts from macrocosmic Spirit-Beings-Angels and their offspring.

The brain in many ways is a compost pile. The compost pile is composed of earthly substances and is transformed by spirit-forces that manifest as weather and microorganisms. The brain is transformed by our thoughts. It is a recorder of thoughts (internal weather) for our individual spiritual forces.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the noted scientist that gave the world biodynamic science in a series of lectures in 1924, likened the human brain to a compost pile. On June 16, 1924, Steiner stated:

"What is this brainy mass? It is simply an intestinal mass, carried to the very end. The premature brain deposit passes out through the intestines. As to its processes, the content of the intestines is decidedly akin to the brain content. To speak grotesquely, I would say: That which spreads out through the brain is a highly advanced heap of manure! Grotesque as it may be, objectively speaking, this is the truth. It is none other than the dung, which is transmuted--through this particular organic process--into the noble matter of the brain, there to become the basis for Ego-development.

All material substances, be they composed of solids, liquids, gases or heat "energies" are thought turned into form by Beings above and below the human race. Ancient humanity had an instinctive knowledge of life-giving "energies" that emanated from these angelic hierarchies. The most important aspect to understanding ancient cultures (particularly their agricultural science and architectural art) is that they knew that the "energies" that formed the earth, that created the mineral, plant and animal kingdom are these angelic beings.

In Biodynamic Agriculture, we give these spirit beings the tools to enhance the soil of the earth when we use horn manure--biodynamically prepared. Specifically, horn manure (Biodynamic Prep 500) is made by packing a cow horn with cow manure and burying it over the course of a winter. Just as the brain is impregnated with ideas from the soul-spirit, so the manure in the cow horn is transformed, transmuted through the same principle.

In horn manure the manure is transformed as cosmic and Earthly spiritual forces enter the horn. Thus we create a thought organ in horn manure to capture the secrets of the earth in winter to give to the soil in the spring.

The manure in the cow horn functions as a brain and the horn as a cranium. The horn is buried in the winter when the forces of the earth are the strongest, to digest spirit forces that impregnate the manure (brain) vis-a-vis the cow horns inward radiating effect. We are using form and substance to capture the cosmic spirit forces when we use the cow horns.

These life-enhancing spirit forces are transferred to earth by diluting the horn manure in water and rhythmically stirring it before we spray it on the soil in the spring. This transfers the life forces of the manure to the water and then to the soil. By this action we give the future to the past--life to what is dead--by using horn manure (or the Biodynamic Compost Starter or BD Field Spray). The transformed substance from the grave of the horn resurrects life through the human being.

At the time of the Hibernian Mysteries the etheric energy (life energy) on the earth was of a much purer, living state, declining after the demise of the Mysteries. It would take a spiritually conscious humanity to resurrect the aging earth. In biodynamics, Rudolf Steiner and the farmers he taught brought back the relationship between earth and the cosmos, between humans and angels. Science is not science unless knowledge of how the angels create life is relearned. All earthly life is but a manifestation of these spiritual creatures.

Biodynamic science marks the end of the common misconception of Darwinian theory that humans are evolved earthly monkeys, and shows that humanity is a divine spiritual hierarchy, one step below the angels.

L. A. Rotheraine is a writer, lecturer and award winning biodynamic master gardener for Evergreen Elm in Bradford, PA.

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3 Biodynamic preparations consist of yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian flower, horn manure and horn silica--each specially prepared by utilizing the energy of the stars, planets and earth. All eight preparations are constituted and administered to the land in accordance with homeopathic guidelines. TOP

4 The Bible names nine hierarchies of angels above the human race:Angels, Archangels, Archai, Exusiai, Dynamis, Kyriotetes, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim. Thus we see why the early Church considered the earth the center of the solar system, feeling that after the Resurrection the King of the Angelic Hierarchies was on earth. See also Angels, Dr. R. Steiner, Josephine Porter Institute. TOP

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Copyright 1996 L.A. Rotheraine
First printed in Lilipoh