The Messiah - Seed of Renewal

by L. A. Rotheraine

"Because Lucifer and Satan had worked into human souls, a false idea of death had transpired. A true aspect of death had to be given to us ( the Resurrection)To give us the true aspect of death, that was Christ's mission."

Rudolf Steiner- The Gospel of St. John and Its Relation to the Other Gospel

In the atmosphere surrounding the earth, the resurrected God humans now call Christ prepares the New Jerusalem. Christ is not related to any religion but is a natural energy force emanating life. All plants, animals and humans are as dependent on the Resurrected Christ as they are on the sun and other cosmic bodies for life. The resurrected Christ has become nature life on earth and in the heavens.

Prior to the baptism and resurrection, Christ worked on the sun sending his life giving light to earth. The ancients saw Him in the sun's atmosphere and called him the Sun God. Plant seeds were considered by the ancients as a pledge from the Sun God (Christ), and the angelic sun beings as a promise to continue working with humans the following year.

Likewise, overcoming "death" on the cross should be considered the same pledge by Christ to continue working with humans eternally. The resurrected body of Christ is the seed for humanity's future existence. It is to stop the knowledge of the resurrection, the living Christ that envelopes and permeates the earth that Lucifer and Satan inspire acts like the World Trade Center bombing on 9/11/01. The destruction was not a Muslim act but the act of satanic beings that just happened to work through human beings that call themselves Muslims. A true Muslim would not commit an act like the 9/11 crime.

Humans make it possible for heavenly beings to dwell on earth through them. Whether it is Christ and His sun angels that the biodynamic science utilizes in creating and enhancing plants, animals and humans or dark, fallen angelic hordes and their demons that inspire acts like 9/11 or life destroying genetic engineering corporations- we are vehicles for cosmic beings. In the genetic altering of plants, animals and humans an undermining of our eternal spiritual foundations , our immortality is being created. A catastrophic metamorphosis downward occurs through the illusion that genes are the primary cause of life. In reality, genetics is but a secondary manifestation of primary spiritual principles. Genetics has led to a devolution in human consciousness,leading us to believe we are material , earthly creations. Most religions, even some Christian sects, relegate Christ (the Sun God) to nothing more than a human prophet such as Mohammed,Moses or St. John.

Genetic engineering is leading to devolution in human consciousness. It is an opposition to nature and the heavens, leading humanity away from their immortality and the New Jerusalem. Science is thus creating the erroneous conception that life begins and ends in earthly matter. Just as many humans relegate Christ to nothing more than a human prophet such as Mohammed or Moses or St. John, genetic engineering companies are destroying our plants and animals, thus humans by producing inferior species of life forms through their ignorance of the knowledge that all earthly life stems from the resurrected Sun God enveloping the earth.

As Easter approaches icy winds and snow begin to be overshadowed by the sun. The compressive cold of winter's tomb, gives way to the expansive light from the sun. The body of the resurrected Sun God envelops the atmosphere of the earth as the earth comes alive again. As I say in the epilogue of Thunderform Gods:

Son God of Man - Sun King of the Gods

The Son God of Man,
Crucified Regent from the Sun
Became the living Word of the Omnipotent One -
Resurrected to break the spell of "death",
The Sun King Christ sundered "death's" mask.
Light King of the Word,
Life King of the World.

Editor's note: L.A. Rotheraine is a writer, lecturer and award winning biodynamic gardener in the icebox of Pennsylvania, Bradford, Pa.


Copyright  2004 L.A. Rotheraine