2000 Cherry Tomatoes From A Single Plant!

Watch this free 15 minute video to learn about biodynamics and see the spectacular results for yourself. Follow the directions to grow your own 12 ft. high cherry tomato plant.

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Picture a plant seed as condensed energy from a particular stellar constellation. You can increase the potential of the seed by planting it when the energy from that constellation is most ideal. If you plant the seed in the proper compost, at the proper time, the heavens' can reproduce the best physical form of the plant possible. Almost as important as planting the seed at the right time is harvesting the seed at the ideal time .

Genetic engineering takes the opposite approach. In genetic engineering genes are taken from other plants or animals and inserted in the seed. Since a plant is a condensed heavenly force from a specific grouping of stars, the plant is thus estranged from its nature through genetic engineering. In reality, the stars and planets, all heavenly bodies are angelic beings. The angels, through intelligent design, are the forces behind life on earth.

These angels (gods) create life on earth from the stars and planets. The stars and planets are but the physical expression of the angels. Weather and all earthly substance are their creation and come directly from them. This is the key to biodynamic agriculture. In turn, the organic biodynamic preparations we use give these heavenly angelic beings better tools to create superior plants for human and animal consumption. Thus, the Bible is seen as a scientific work from the perspective of biodynamic agriculture, not simply as a religious work. (Please watch this short animation.)

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When I see genetically engineered seeds and chemically polluted farms and gardens I think back to the start of it all, when gardening was in the hands of humans that were taught by the Gods (Angels). Agricultural science is now in the hands of large chemical conglomerates such as Monsanto and their genetically altered seeds, designed for their chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The producers of these fertilizers and pesticides have become enchanted by economic profit; not caring or understanding that their products are poisoning the soil and water and turning earth into a moonscape. They have become enchanted in the matter of economic profit, and the power derived from it .


We received this email from a reader that is aware of the above:

I just read a very apt description of genetically-modified (GM) vegetables: Frankenfood. But what's scariest about GM crops is not simply that they are manipulating DNA, but that they are not testing it before they sell it to the public to be consumed!

Tell the FDA to take GM corn off the market until a 2-year study is done. >>

A recent study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences has shown that three GM corn crops produced by Monsanto caused kidney and liver damage as well as some heart, adrenal, spleen and blood damage in rats.

This is some of the first news about this type of study because it is one of the first. The FDA allowed Monsanto to simply re-assure them that the foods were safe, and they were put on the market. Now we see that these foods are potentially hazardous to our health. This is a disgrace!

The FDA is putting the American people at risk. Tell them to put safety over profits. Act now! >>

Thank you for standing up for what's right.


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