By Tim Simons based on L.A. Rotheraine's Gardening, Death and Resurrection series in Lilipoh


Angelic Engineering (Biodynamics), Intelligent Design and Genetic Engineering

by L.A. Rotheraine, Biodynamic Gardener

Picture a plant seed as condensed energy from a particular stellar constellation. You can increase the potential of the seed by planting it when the energy from that constellation is most ideal . If you plant the seed in the proper compost, at the proper time, the heaven's can reproduce the best physical form of the plant possible. Almost as important as planting the seed at the right time is harvesting the seed at the ideal time..

Genetic engineering takes the opposite approach. In genetic engineering genes are taken from other plants or animals and inserted in the seed. Since a plant is a condensed heavenly force from a specific grouping of stars, the plant is thus estranged from its nature through genetic engineering. In reality, the stars and planets, all heavenly bodies are angelic beings. The angels, through intelligent design, are the forces behind life on earth.

These angels (gods) create life on earth from the stars and planets. The stars and planets are but the physical expression of the angels. Weather and all earthly substance are their creation and come directly from them. This is the key to biodynamic agriculture. In turn, the organic biodynamic preparations we use give these heavenly angelic beings better tools to create superior plants for human and animal consumption. Thus, the Bible is seen as a scientific work from the perspective of biodynamic agriculture, not simply as a religious work.

When I see genetically engineered seeds and chemically polluted farms and gardens I think back to the start of it all, when gardening was in the hands of humans that were taught by the Gods (Angels). Agricultural science is now in the hands of large chemical conglomerates such as Monsanto and their genetically altered seeds, designed for their chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The producers of these fertilizers and pesticides have become enchanted by economic profit; not caring or understanding that their products are poisoning the soil and water and turning earth into a moonscape. They have become enchanted in the matter of economic profit, and the power derived from it .

Now the article by Simons and Klock :

Genetic engineering has positioned itself in the agricultural field at this time in earth evolution. This science has permeated the animal and human realms as well. The question then arises: What direction will this permeation take, and how will it affect the lives of humans? Two Twenty-First century individuals tackle this question. Mr. Francis Klock of Philadelphia, PA, and Mr. Tim Simons of Bradford, PA debate the direction of human genetic engineering, and its connection with foodstuffs.

Both gentlemen agree human engineering will some day result in a race of subhumans that will be used for menial labor or slavery. Mr. Kock, a retired law librarian, contends that multi-national companies will save a fortune in food. Mr. Simons, history scholar, differs. "Sustenance would be a major issue, concerning the direction that agriculture and related food producing fields has taken. This is where Biodynamic Agriculture (Angelic Engineering) provides an explanation. There is a correlation between genetic agriculture and human engineering."

Mr. Klock, a friend of genetic engineering but opponent of cloning stated: "Mr. Simons, your naivety towards the direction the world is taking astounds me. The use of genetics to create plants, animals and humans is here - today. Adapt Mr. Simons!"

"I understand this influence, Mr. Klock, but science refuses to look at its handy-work macrocosmically -(from the perspective that the whole universe effects the earth). This view is the most practical. You are wallowing in tabernacles of bourgeoise materiality. There are spiritual realities behind every material object that we cannot see."

"I'll tell you what is practical," snapped Mr. Klock. "Since genetically engineered foods provide nutrition you can feed these genetically engineered slaves large quantities of this inferior food if they are properly engineered. Our genetically engineered slaves can be engineered not you talk back when you tell them to do something. I'm really liking the possibilities of genetically engineering humans. These genetically engineered humans can be made so that when we're done with them they can be melted down into a fuel for our cars or trucks. "

"Your blasphemy of the mystery knowledge (biodynamic agriculture - angelic engineering) is disheartening Mr. Klock! You have been studying Rudolf Steiner for the past thirty years? You know this is wrong!"

"What's your point Mr. Simons? Your hostile attitude towards me is unwarranted. Remember, that's twenty-nine more years of meditation than you," Klock added snobbishly. "It's going this way and it can't be stopped! We might as well reap the benefits from genetic engineering. Adapt Mr. Simons, adapt ! "

"That may be, but my understanding of L.A. Rotheraine's Gardening, Death, and Resurrection series, and the works of Rudolf Steiner and Emil Bock goes much deeper. Biodynamics has taught us that each successive strain of a genetically engineered product loses its essential cosmic/spiritual connection. A weaker and weaker etheric relationship, or life-force results."

"So what," bellowed Mr. Klock. "We reverse the spiritual polarities of these creatures and go for quantity over quality. These things can work till they drop, and be recycled. If you want to talk about spirituality, Mr. Simons, I'll accept Bock and Steiner. But Rotheraine - I've seen his interactions in this world for over thirty years. Him I don't need! Rotheraine is a good example of why genetically engineered human beings can be an improvement over what we now have within the human race."

"All petty emotionalism aside, Mr. Klock, if the genetically engineered plant's life force is weak and continues to become weaker each successive generation, so to would a genetically engineered human. How can one expect a sub-human corporeality and spirituality to manifest nutrients from small quantities of degenerate food? What kind of spirit would inhabit a genetically engineered human?"

Your defeatist attitude is probably due to too much sugar in your diet, Mr. Klock. Bock and Steiner have maintained all along that the breeding of humans and animals were the seeds of destruction for Atlantis and Sodom and Gomorrah. Genetic engineering of humans with animals is cosmically unacceptable."

We received this email from a reader that is aware of the above:

I just read a very apt description of genetically-modified (GM) vegetables: Frankenfood. But what's scariest about GM crops is not simply that they are manipulating DNA, but that they are not testing it before they sell it to the public to be consumed!

Tell the FDA to take GM corn off the market until a 2-year study is done. >>

A recent study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences has shown that three GM corn crops produced by Monsanto caused kidney and liver damage as well as some heart, adrenal, spleen and blood damage in rats.

This is some of the first news about this type of study because it is one of the first. The FDA allowed Monsanto to simply re-assure them that the foods were safe, and they were put on the market. Now we see that these foods are potentially hazardous to our health. This is a disgrace!

The FDA is putting the American people at risk. Tell them to put safety over profits. Act now! >>

Thank you for standing up for what's right.

Two 21st Century Humans With Selke Biodynamic Cherry Tomato Plant Issues

Jack Keir & Mike Rowley
Jack Keir & Mike Rowley - Photo Credit: Francis Klock

Jack Keir [left] after growing a Selke Biodynamic Cherry Tomato Plant in his South Philadelphia backyard said," I'll never grow one of these things again. It grew so big it took up most of our backyard - we hardly had room to walk."Mike Rowley [right] after growing one stated," Mine was just as big as the one I saw in the newspaper. I just didn't tie it up! "

Tim Simons

The thoughts of Francis Klock



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First printed in Lilipoh