Gardening, "Death" and Resurrection - Part 4

By L.A. Rotheraine

In Part 3 of this series I concluded with the following statement:

We ( the ancient Atlanteans) were using the agricultural science of the angels to breed animal-human slaves!

In Cosmic Memory, by Dr. Rudolf Steiner we find information that shows the advanced agricultural science of the Atlanteans capable of breeding animals with humans

"The esthetic sense of the Greeks is built up on the basis of directly acting forces which among the Atlanteans were manifested in a magnificent breeding of plant and animal forms. In the imagination of Phidias lived something which the Atlantean used directly for the transformation of actual living beings."

Let us keep in the forefront of our consciousness that it is these forces the biodynamic preparations utilize. In the book Agriculture, Steiner gives us the material substances to re-introduce these forces, in a new form, into the soil, into our food, into our atmosphere. These life forces, the cultivation and control of these life forces permeated not just Atlantean agriculture but all spheres of Atlantean life. It is these forces, that raises Evergreen Elm's biodynamic garden in Bradford, Pa to its unique position in Pennsylvania agriculture. (see Lilipoh Winter 2000-2001-Angels Rush In Where Fools Fear to Tread)

In "Cosmic Memory", Steiner is quite clear about the life forces biodynamic agriculture was created to bring into all human spheres:

"The Atlanteans had the capacity to control the life force in a certain way. They constructed their wonderful machines through this force"

"The life mastering power of the Atlantean first appeared among the members of the human race under the mask of mythology"The great inventors among us are incarnations of "seers" of the Atlanteans. In their inspirations of genius is manifested what has as its basis something else, something that was like life-producing power in them during an Atlantean incarnation. Our logic, knowledge of nature, technology, etc., grow from a foundation which was laid in Atlantis."

Fuse the above with Steiner's statement from Part 3 of this series, "humans still could use the forces of growth and reproduction of animal and human nature for their own purposes." He said that this mis-use of the life forces lead to the destruction of Atlantis.

I'm demonstrating the existence of these forces through biodynamic agriculture. Hopefully, the re-mastering of these forces will make the world a better place.

The Evergreen Elm Biodynamic Gardeners pose with their prize winning produce during another good year at the McKean County Fair, August 2001. They won 24 first place blue; 4 second place red; and 1 third place; out of 29 entries.
Considering the large number of wins, L.A. Rotheraine, Master Gardener said, To succeed as we did in drought conditions, we used the biodynamic herbal preparation Thun Barrel Compost to change the air from dry to moist in the Elm Street Garden. You can say, we composted the atmosphere around the plants to purify and give life to the air. Rotheraine emphasised that the biodynamic system he uses was developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, pictured above.
Seen in the photo, from the left are Robert Tubbs, Jackie Wolfe, Lisa Williams, Happy Dog, Kari Johnston, Betty Bailey, Jim Oehler, George Cabisca, Jeff van Scooter, and Mary Williams.
(Photo credit: Grant Nichols, Bradford Journal)

Editor's Note: L.A. Rotheraine is a writer, lecturer and award-winning biodynamic gardener in Bradford, PA.


Copyright  2004 L.A. Rotheraine
First printed in Lilipoh