2000 Cherry Tomatoes From A Single Plant!

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The way the seed strain for the Selke Biodynamic Cherry Tomato plant is fashioned cannot be replicated by a genetically engineered seed company such as Monsanto. The reason for this is the primary cause of all life is the heavens. All plants and their seeds are materialized energy from specific cosmic constellations in conjunction with the planets. When you change the genetic structure of a plant seed it can't replicate its heavenly form in the proper way. The stars and planets are in reality angelic hierarchies. This is the key principle to biodynamic agriculture.


Tomatoes and Charles Darwin - L.A. Rotheraine and Charles Darwin

Spiritual (Angelic) Engineering of the Earth by Christ - Intelligent Design

By  L.A. Rotheraine, Biodynamic Gardener



Biodynamic  gardeners work with the heavenly movements of the stars and planets in an attempt to influence their reaction in a positive way  with our biodynamic vegetables, fruits and herbs. By using these cosmic rhythms in  conjunction with our biodynamic preparations the biodynamic gardener creates a very special environment for biodynamic vegetative growth. Ancient civilizations knew how to use these energy exchanges between the heavens and the earth not only their agricultural sciences but their other sciences as well.

Ancient architectural structures like Stonehenge
were designed to help humans work with creative heavenly energies.

In  “A Tale of Two Tomatoes”  I quote from Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s book “Agriculture” in which he gives us a new form of the wisdom of the ancients: “…we can recognize Mars in the red flower, Jupiter in the yellow or white, Saturn in the blue, while in the green leaf we see essentially the Sun itself” . Another valuable  example  that he gives of heavenly and earthly interaction  that humanity has forgotten is the following, “…the cosmic roots are those that are more or less single in form , whereas in highly ramified roots we have a working of the earthly nature downward into the soil, just as in color we have a working upward of the cosmic nature into the flower.”


Dr. Steiner speaks of the ancient times in lecture two of his agriculture course, given June 10, 1924 at Koberwitz, Germany: "In past - notably primeval - epochs, it was different. At that time it was still easily possible to transform one plant into another; hence it was very important to know these things. Today it is important too if we wish to find out what conditions are favorable to one plant or another. . . . We must gain new knowledge in order to enter again into the whole nature relationship of these things. Humanity has no other choice. Either we must learn once more, in all domains of life - learn from the whole nexus of nature and the universe - or else we must see nature and with it human life degenerate and die. As in ancient times it was necessary to have knowledge entering into the inwardness of nature, so do we now stand in need of such knowledge once again." 

 We find a starting point for this new knowledge from the written work of Emil Bock. In his book, The Three Years, Bock enlightens our perspectives on the Christ Event. He shows it to be the most important event for the whole nexus of nature: "As a climax to the Mystery of Golgotha (Christ overcoming the gods of death on the Cross), an earthquake tore open the fissure on which the sepulcher rested . . . . And thus the whole Earth became the grave of Christ. . . Human souls leave the earth - rise at death. Christ's soul stays with the earth. That is the great sacrifice of love which the Christ was able to accomplish for the whole of earth existence, because death no longer hindered Him. The earth received his body and blood, the great Communion, and therewith the medicine for spiritualizing all material existence - the medicine that maketh whole." The resurrected Christ now controls nature, is nature. This mighty Being is a natural fact above and beyond any religion.

If you examine the Bible with an open mind it becomes clear that Jesus is a man and gives his physical body to the King of the Angels (Gods)- Christ. It is not until the baptism that the human Jesus gives his physical body to the Angelic King Christ. In Hebrews 7:3 St. Paul states clearly in discussing Melchisedec that Christ is without human ancestry: "Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God (Christ); abideth a priest continually." Since it is clear that Melchisedec is without father or mother also, can he be a lesser God (Angel)? Psalm 82:1 shows us that there is a head God ruling the other Gods (Angels): " God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods."  Psalm 82:1 can also explain Genesis 1:26: "And God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness" and Genesis 3:22: "And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us to know good and evil." These two statements show a God talking to other Gods (Angels). The Lord God is the King of the Gods, the judge of the other Gods (Angels). The Lord God is Christ.

In his book, The Three Years, Emil Bock teaches us the difference between the conversations of Christ and the disciples in the forty days after the ressurection and the appearances of the Gods among humans in ancient times:
"The new thing was that the Christ was present among the disciples and spoke to them with all the experiences and consequences of His earthly life and His earthly human death. He showed Himself to them as a spirit form which was interwoven with the effects of death in a way that had never before been possible to a divine Being [God]. Christ bore in Himself an achievement of which hitherto the spiritual world was ignorant. He was more than a manifestation of spirit ; He bore, not, a physical body but a body that was the result of death and resurrection. His body was a light - sheath in which he appeared radiantly before the disciples. This body was woven out of all His victories over what was earthly, and out of the consequences of His triumphant passage through death. Manifesting a life that was not merely identical with that of the divine heights, but which represented at the same time an advance and an octave of death, the Risen One could reveal to the disciples deeper secrets than were ever before imparted to man by their Gods. In the words which He spoke to the disciples there was not only the highest divine wisdom, but the sum of all the possibilities of knowledge which the Christ had won from the depths of the defeated powers of death. "

Through the resurrection Christ becomes King of the Earth and the Heavens. His life force is the New Jerusalem which the study and practice of biodynamic science reveals to us. Christ is the architect of intelligent design. Biodynamics is intelligent design - the spiritual engineering of the earth.

I will add more to this article in the fall but I think for the present, the prologue and epilogue from the book Thunderform Gods will be useful in understanding the Christ incarnating in a human body at the Baptism :


Sun God Of The Ancients - Son God Of Man

Light God of Antiquity,
Mighty Regent from the Sun,
Ancient wisdom saw as light of the
Omnipotent One-
Light future ages would call His Son.
King of the Thunderforming Gods,
From the Sun He ruled,
Yet to be embodied on the earth.


Son God Of Man - Sun King Of The Gods

The Son God of Man,
Crucified Regent from the Sun,
Became the living Word of the Omnipotent One-
Resurrected to break the spell of "death",
The Sun King Christ sundered "death's" mask.
Light King of the Word,
Life King of the World.

Bradford Journal Photo

Some members of Evergreen Elm's Biodynamic gardening team pose for us at their garden location in Bradford, PA on August 24th. The gardeners won big again in the August 2007 McKean County Fair competition. They won 24 first place blue ribbons, one third place white and two fourth place yellow ribbons out of 29 entries during the fair. Their Master Gardener, L.A. Rotheraine attributed their success this year to teamwork, hard work, and the Biodynamic Field and Garden Spray. Of the 24 blues, says Rotheraine, the most important for all biodynamic and organic growers throughout the world is the first place taken in the cherry tomato competition. Our Selke Biodynamic Cherry Tomato has become the standard bearer against the genetic engineering and terminator seed companies. It cannot be duplicated by the technology these companies use. Only the biodynamic agricultural science as deployed by Evergreen Elm and our special method of producing tomato seeds can create this superior plant. One can picture all seeds as crystallized energy from different stars or groups of stars, each plant species an earthly replica of its heavenly source. It's important to remember, however, that the success of all our winning entries was assured through the use of the Biodynamic Field and Garden Spray (created by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer and now made by Hugh J. Courtney ) and the unselfish efforts and dedication of Evergreen Elm's gardening team and their rigorous adherence to chemical free growing methods. Pictured from the left, holding their tools and ribbons are Jackie Wolfe, Robert Tubbs, Betty Bailey, Jim Oehler, Randy Johnson, Supervisor Brandi Buck, Lisa Williams holding Frankie the garden cat, and Patty Price.


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