2000 Cherry Tomatoes From A Single Plant!

Watch this free 15 minute video to learn about biodynamics and see the spectacular results for yourself. Follow the directions to grow your own 12 ft. high cherry tomato plant.

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Lots of Tomatoes
Lots of Tomatoes
Randy Johnson, L.A. Rotheraine and Brandi Buck harvest tomatoes from
Evergreen Elm’s world famous 12 foot high by 10 foot round, biodynamic
cherry tomato plant. The plant creates roughly 2,000 tomatoes each season.


Tomatoes and Charles Darwin - L.A. Rotheraine and Charles Darwin


Death Does Not Exist For Humans

Biodynamic agricultural science is a continuation of the wisdom of ancient Ireland, taught by the angels (intelligent design) to the human race. (1) Most importantly, biodynamic preparations, which are homeopathic constitutional remedies for our earth (2) give back to humanity the tools to reunite the earth's past with its future, the angelic kingdom with the human kingdom. All life processes on earth are like a condensation or coagulation of heavenly processes. As a seed forms, it captures, contracts, and intermingles light-born heavenly energy with earthly matter, dispersing this energy again with its death as a plant. In the same manner, the human soul contracts into a new earthly life with birth and expands back to its heavenly home with "death."

Biodynamic agricultural science can bring about rightful change on the earth for the living and in the heavens for the "dead." The biodynamic preparations allow us to rediscover and uncover the workings of heavenly processes. In working with biodynamics, the human kingdom becomes a spiritual agent in the process of creation during life on earth and life after "death" in the heavens.

The ancient Irish knew the secret that life and 'death" are the same process.(3) They learned to see life (summer-future) and death (winter-past) as one continuous process of the human soul. Heraclitus' famous phrase, "Living and dead are the same, the one in changing becomes the other, the other in changing becomes the one," was perceived by Irish initiates thousands of years before this spark of wisdom ignited this picture in Heraclitus soul.

The Hibernian pupil was trained in the knowledge of how the spiritual world creates life on earth. Rudolf Steiner states that the Irish had preserved much of the ancient, pre-Flood wisdom of mankind. They prepared pupils for the reception of this wisdom, preparing them to approach the secrets of the Cosmic Word, the Christ/Messiah yet to be born on earth. Pupils were trained to experience their own life before birth and what they would metamorphose into after death with the help of their guardian angels.

The best way I can think to express the transition from the "death" experience of the Irish initiate to that of the soul's resurrection after "death" is to picture a withering onion. A void is created in a center of the onion, out of which sprouts the future plant. Picture the old onion as lifeless substance now in its dying winter. In its death a new picture arises out of the heavens. When the onion begins dying a new life comes about in the void at its center, as a unity of heaven's forces gather itself together for future summer life. Imagine the onion as the Hibernian's physical body in which soul and spirit recapitulate the personal life and "death" process. The Irish pupil could perceive plant seeds as frozen angelic energy that would have to be awakened to new life in the spring. Out of the chaotic void in the seed the cosmic-angelic energy for the following (future) summer could be born. Just as Hibernians learned that cosmic past and future find their existence in the human being, so they perceived a similar process recapitulated in plant seeds. As the individual soul and spirit of the Hibernians experienced "death" as a metamorphosis of the soul (winter experience) and the soul gathering itself together to reincarnate back onto the earth at a future time (summer experience), so they could perceive the intimate workings of the creator angels and their spiritual helpers that create the plant and animal kingdom on earth.

The ancient Irish learned how the death of spirit works on the production of earthly substances. They learned that the forces of death are necessary for the creation of earthly substances and how the cosmic-angelic processes enliven and resurrect "death" in these kingdoms. In the resurrecting Sun forces they saw the Being of the Sun, Christ, on his journey to earth, directing, orchestrating, "gathering together" the beings that are humanity's spiritual companions and co-workers. They learned how these angelic beings work into the earth, working for the resurrection of the earth through the human being. And, in seeing the Christ and His sun beings they beheld the Life of the World. Whereas before initiation (special training) they saw sunbeams as providing nourishment for the earth, now they saw the "beams" were the actual beings. Enhanced by this spiritual-angelic science the Irish, were no longer enchanted by dead earthly thought but could place themselves in the living Cosmos where living spirit creates life. They could place themselves in the frozen spirit that in its death has become soil, and bring it to life again. Thus the Hibernian became an expert in the secrets of vegetation and its growth, and the life forces that create and maintain animals. The Irish knew that "death" and birth are one process.  Death does not exist for humans.

Since Humanity's fall
We've slowly lost the conception
Of our celestial lineation,
Our divine roots in creation.
Souls of humanity gradually became imbued
With physical bodies of more densified hues,
Creating earthly conceptions and consciousness moods.

We've forgotten that physical bodies,
Are but a shell for the human soul being-
Forms that entomb our celestial wings.
Lost is the reality that the physical world
Is hardened spiritual chords.

Physical substance but spirit condensed -
Earth a graveyard where spirit seems dead.

-L.A. Rotheraine

from Thunderform Gods, 1985

Birth is the cause of death
- Dave Dixon 1/7/97, Bradford, PA

Death is the cause of rebirth.
- Francis Klock
8/30/68 Virginia Beach, VA

Except that Man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
- CHRIST, John 3:3

"Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?"
- CHRIST, John 10:34

(1) see Lilipoh winter/spring 1997  Earth's Gardening Angels.

(2) Biodynamic preparations consist of yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelion and valerian, horn manure and horn silica - each specially prepared by utilizing the energy of the stars, planets, and earth. All eight preparations are constituted and administered to the land in accordance with homeopathic guidelines.

(3) Rudolf Steiner  Mystery Knowledge and Mystery Centers, the Great Mysteries of Hibernia, Dec 7,8, and 9, 1923.



Francis Klock delights in showing off the biodynamic butternut squash given him by biodynamic gardener L.A. Rotheraine.

Photo by Kate Klock

Mike Rowley with biodynamic rhubarb after it has been dressed.


A 1968 picture of Francis Klock (left) at the time his search for the Christ Mystery was beginning. Mr. Klock feels that dialogue with fellow humans helps in spiritual development.



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