Gardening, "Death" and Resurrection, Part 2
by L. A. Rotheraine

Once humans knew that they came from and lived in a spiritual world before birth and returned to it at "death." We knew "death" did not exist for humans. We knew we were immortal.

The elimination of this knowledge of life before birth, by most major religions, gave them the power over human souls, under the pretense that they were the brokers for these souls through the funeral rituals. A side effect of this power grab was that humans not only were led away from their immortality, but were also led away from the creative principles of heavenly life needed in agriculture, medicine and all the sciences. The fact that all life comes from and returns to the spiritual world (the world of the stars) changes everything.

The spiritual agriculture of the angels began its decline with the expulsion of humans from the Garden of Eden. It has reached its low point in the genetic engineering of seeds and animals, and the concept that dominates most people, that "death" is an end rather than a new beginning. Of course, in pre-historic periods humans could see the angels, good and bad, in the atmosphere. They could thus see that the angelic world, the spiritual world, is the creator of earth life. They knew that everything on earth is spirit. "Death" was not feared.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner speaks of these ancient times in lecture two of his agriculture course, given June 10, 1924 at Koberwitz, Germany: "In past - notably primeval - epochs, it was different. At that time it was still easily possible to transform one plant into another; hence it was very important to know these things. Today it is important too if we wish to find out what conditions are favorable to one plant or another. . . . We must gain new knowledge in order to enter again into the whole nature relationship of these things. Humanity has no other choice. Either we must learn once more, in all domains of life - learn from the whole nexus of nature and the universe - or else we must see nature and with it human life degenerate and die. As in ancient times it was necessary to have knowledge entering into the inwardness of nature, so do we now stand in need of such knowledge once again."

Biodynamic agricultural science was given to us by the angelic beings that inhabit the world we came from before birth and return to after "death," through Rudolf Steiner's insight. The reason other agricultural systems can't compete with biodynamic gardening is that none other has the spiritual perspective needed to enhance plants and animals (See Lilipoh Winter 2000 - "Angels Rush In Where Fools Fear to Tread").

In the January 1997 issue of BIODYNAMICS, in my article "The Irish Mysteries as the Foundation of Biodynamics" (Part 6), I conclude: The biodynamic preparations, the biodynamic science should be called resurrection preparations, resurrection science. Our task should be to innoculate the entire earth with the biodynamic preparations. This will place the positive spiritual etheric forces at the service of practical life, and radiate the light of the Sun King Christ into human souls. The most powerful spiritual etheric force is the Sun God who overcame death on the cross-Christ. Regardless of a person's religious belief, and regardless of dogma, the Risen Christ is now a natural fact. He permeates the earth and its atmosphere just as light of the sun does.

Emil Bock
Emil Bock

In his book, The Three Years, Emil Bock enlightens our perspectives on the Easter Event: "As a climax to the Mystery of Golgotha (Christ overcoming the gods of death on the Cross), an earthquake tore open the fissure on which the sepulcher rested . . . . And thus the whole Earth became the grave of Christ. . . ." Human souls leave the earth - rise at death. Christ's soul stays with the earth. That is the great sacrifice of love which the Christ was able to accomplish for the whole of earth existence, because death no longer hindered Him. The earth received his body and blood, the great Communion, and therewith the medicine for spiritualizing all material existence - the medicine that maketh whole."

Through the resurrection Christ becomes King of the Earth and the Heavens. His life force is the New Jerusalem which the study and practice of biodynamic science reveals to us and which affords us union with our own immortality.

L.A. Rotheraine is a writer, lecturer and award winning biodynamic gardener in Bradford, the icebox of Pennsylvania.



Copyright  2004 L.A. Rotheraine
First printed in Lilipoh