Elohim – Our Creators

by L.A. Rotheraine

Elohim Creating

In biodynamic agriculture life forces are called spiritual etheric forces and biodynamic science was created to enhance these life forces. They can also be called supersensible forces, or spiritual cosmic forces. In actuality, these cosmic forces are spiritual beings called "gods" by ancient civilizations and "angels" by humans today. There are both good angels and evil (demonic) angels.

These angels or gods create life on earth from the stars and planets. The stars and planets are but the physical expression of the angels. Weather and all earthly substance are their creation and come directly from them. This is the key to biodynamic agriculture. In turn, the organic biodynamic preparations we use give these heavenly angelic beings better tools to create superior plants for human and animal consumption. In this way the Bible is seen as a scientific work from the perspective of biodynamic agriculture, not simply as a religious work. The Elohim are one of the most important spiritual hierarchies that created the human race.

Christ after the Resurrection taking control of earth.

In the book, Genesis - Secrets of Creation, Rudolf Steiner clarifies a confusing point for many biblical scholars. "To many it appears that there are two different versions of creation. This is not the case. Steiner says: the seventh day of creation, the day of rest, is the Elohim actually being rewarded for their part in our creation. Their wisdom and power is increased when they unite their individual skills to become Jehovah - Elohim."

"We must not think of Jehovah - Elohim as being the whole spiritual hierarchy of the Elohim - they send only part of their being to the moon and hold the rest in reserve and continue their own evolution in this established part of their being." This means that as far as this part of them is concerned their work is no longer devoted to man and they only work further on with the part of their being which has become Jehovah - Elohim. The other part does not work directly upon the Earth, but devotes itself to its own evolution. This is what is meant by resting from working with earthly matters, by the sabbath day, the seventh day."

"The Jehovah human being is the descendant of the heavenly human being who was created by the elohim on the sixth day. At this time we were soul spiritual beings without physical bodies. Only after the Jehovah - Elohim evolved did our physical bodies take on shape."

"The hierarchy of the Elohim is called god and the Jehovah - Elohim is called Lord God in Genesis."

The Adam and Eve story in the Bible is about the retrograde angel, Lucifer, tempting humans from God, thus ending a spiritual existence with the human race exiled from the heavens and falling to earth:

So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground, and placed, on the east side of the Garden of Eden, a cherubim with a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the Tree of Life." -Genesis Chap.3:22,23,24

A dense physical body that ages and dies is necessary for our souls, so that we might gain knowledge on earth to take with us into the spiritual worlds after we die (in reality our soul and spirit just leave our physical body).

Our diet, which came from the deities of angels (gods), changes. Our physical bodies, the whole earth, and everything on it begins to harden - a preamble to old age - which didn't exist before this time, when "death" was unknown when we were pure souls and spirits.

In Thunderform Gods the transition is explained:

In the time before our fall,
Humanity followed cosmic rule,
Earth for us a Deity School.
Then came the serpent's scheming-
Eating forbidden fruit in the midst of Eden,
A diet too dense for our spiritual well-being.
Yet it opened our souls to terrestrial perceiving.
Evil now could inhabit the human form -
Our souls were digesting heavy earthly food,
Forced into earth bodies that weakened the soul:
"Behold, the man has become as one of us, to know good and evil..." *
Humans lost their heavenly berths,
Experiencing now the substance of earth,
Aware of a new earthly world
through physical birth.
* Genesis 3:22


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   The nine spiritual hierarchies above the human race:

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