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Atlantis, Ireland, the Eye, and Horn Silica
originally appeared in Lilipoh magazine.

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Evergreen Elm's Biodynamic Cherry Tomato Plant2012 Biodynamic Cherry Tomato
Era photo by Alan Hancock

From left, biodynamic gardeners Jim Oehler, L.A. Rotheraine, standing on ladder, Jeff Van Scooter and Brandi Buck stand in front of a 10 foot tall cherry tomato plant on Wednesday afternoon at the Evergreen Elm garden on Elm Street. Rotheraine claims it is the strongest tomato plant on the Planet Earth. “With all the billions of dollars that the genetic engineering seed companies spend, they cannot come close to producing the unique seed that Evergreen Elm makes to create this plant,” Rotheraine said. Evergreen Elm Executive Director Debbie Price said the agency has seeds available from the giant tomato plant. Donations would be accepted.

Quartz crystals that horn silica is made from. Drawing by Famke Zonneveld
Ancient architectural structures like Stonehenge were designed to help humans work with creative heavenly energies.
Before reading this article please consider the following and watch this 15 minute video.

Blue ribbon biodynamic vegetables created by use of horn silica mixed with juice of the valerian flower.

Evergreen Elm's blue ribbon biodynamic organic tomatoes created in part by the use of horn silica. For details see our articles "Winners Again" and the "Hibernian Mysteries Part VI"

A Tale of Two Tomatoes

Genetic Engineering versus Stellar Enhanced (Biodynamics)
Monsanto versus Biodynamics (Angelic Engineering)
by L.A. Rotheraine

"For years we've been saying the older we get, the less we understand. Rotheraine's explanations for what we are looking at when we see his giant tomato plant (Selke BD Cherry Tomato) is an example of this. The explanation may not be to our liking, but regular agricultural science does not have any other explanation for why the plant becomes so large despite the genetic limitations that normally are attributed to it" (See "The Hibernian Mysteries" also.)

Grant Nichols, Bradford Journal, February, 1992.

It is tragic that western agricultural science has forgotten about the energy interchange between the heavens (macrocosm) and earth (microcosm). Science knows that there are electromagnetic interchanges between the sun, moon and the planets with the earth. It is only common sense to realize this interchange has to have an effect on plant growth.

Biodynamic agriculture gives us the opportunity to learn to harvest the energy from the whole universe - the opposite of atomic energy which works with the smallest aspect of matter. Biodynamics gives science a real intelligent design.

All microcosmic (earthly) life is but a result of heavenly (macrocosmic) activity. This concept, once known, has been forgotten in our times. The invention of the microscope and the subsequent discovery of microorganisms were primary elements in leading us to a one-sided view of life. This trend of thinking, focusing on the smallest particle, pervades all the scientific disciplines of the twentieth-century. It dominates agricultural concepts. This belief that dead, inorganic chemicals have the same nutritional content when added to the soil as organic matter stems from this type of thinking.

The onesided view of thinking of the earth and genetics has reached a certain extreme in genetic engineering of tomato seeds. Lucille Salitan, an expert in farm and food research states: "The seeds (genetically engineered tomato seeds) were treated with mercury to ensure a higher percentage germination and every year some of this mercury leeches into the soil, and gets incorporated into the plants... The fields were first fumigated with methyl bromide, a chemical 100 times more destructive to the ozone layer than CFC. A chemical fertilizer which destroys millions of beneficial microorganisms per square inch was added to the soil with the seeds, and the boxed tomato was gassed with ethylene chlorodhydrin (a strong chemical) in order to turn it red. (From Tomato as an Economic Metaphor, Mankato State University, MN)

There is an alternative science to that described above. It is called Biodynamics. We use this method in our little three-quarter acre mountainside garden in Bradford, PA the ice box of Pennsylvania - as a part of our horticultural therapy program. The spectacular size and quality of the biodynamic vegetables produced over the past six years has the scientific community and the media watching very closely. So how do we produce such fine vegetables? How can anyone do the same thing?

We alter the climate in the garden with the unorthodox use of the traditional bio-dynamic preparations. (See chart of BD Preps.) We use the Pfeiffer Compost Starter as a tonic water. We water the roots of the plants to fix the nutrients and raise, add to, and purify the energy for the compost in which our plants grow. Horn silica is sprayed onto the plants to enhance light metabolism. This stimulates the photosynthetic formation of chlorophyll, and thus color, aroma, flavor and shelf life of the food. In 1993, Hugh Courtney of the Josephine Porter Institute of Applied Biodynamics, suggested we add the juice of valerian flowers (BD preparation 507) to our preparation of horn silica. This we then sprayed onto the plants. He speculated that this would create an ethereal skin that would contain the vital energies the biodynamic preparations bring into our garden. Using this mixture in 1993, we took 25 ribbons out of 27 entries (17 blue) at the
McKean County Fair. This year (1995) we continued to startle the public by taking 34 ribbons out of 34 entries 27 first place blue in major vegetable categories. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture awarded the prize money. They know our science is special!

UPDATE (We use the B.D. Field Spray both as a foliar spray, soil spray, and to make a clay dip for plant roots when we transplant them in the soil. Because of this, we no longer use the B.D. Compost Starter to in-water our plants.)

The ramification of using new combinations of biodynamic preparations for the world's food chain and seed strains is awesome. Fruition is increased beyond normal capacities of climatic conditions, and seeds can be strengthened by reuniting them with their heavenly creative source.

Much as a photographer captures an image on film, we capture plant images from the heavens in organic matter.

Science must relearn what the ancient civilizations on the planet knew, and our Selke B.D. Cherry Tomato plants and seeds demonstrate - plants are small models of the stars and planets. Much as a photographer captures an image on film, we capture plant images from the heavens in organic matter. Thus, we can say seeds and plants are the energy from the stars, frozen and molded into earthly substances - each species a model of a particular group of stars. Our Selke B.D. Cherry Tomato seeds are stellar enhanced to grow in raw garbage - table scraps built in our organic hills and thrown on them during the growing season. They take advantage of this ancient wisdom - they are this
ancient wisdom in practice.

Biodynamic agriculture was first introduced to the world in 1924, by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Degeneration of seeds and a search for ways to stop their decline led to lectures that have become the basis of biodynamic agricultural science. They are available today as the book called Agriculture (Josephine Porter Institute, POB 133, Woolwine, VA, 24185. (276) 930-2463)

The book Agriculture shows genetics and nutrition to be a consequence of life or vital force emanating from the heavens. Steiner indicates "...when plants become foods they evolve in such a way that the substances in them become food for animals and humans, then Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, working via the siliceous elements are included into the process. The siliceous nature opens the plant to the wide spaces of the universe and awakens the senses of the plant being in such a way as to receive from all quarters of the universe
the forces of the distant planets. From the sphere of the Moon, Venus and Mercury. . . it receives all that makes it capable of reproduction."

"..If you have apricots or plums with a fine taste, this taste, just like the color of the flowers, is a cosmic quality which has been carried right into the fruit. In the yellow apple, you are eating Jupiter, in the plum you are actually eating Saturn.." "...thus we see Mars in the red flower, Jupiter in the yellow or white flower, Saturn in the blue flower, while in the green leaf the Sun itself...."

Since plants attempt to replicate their heavenly image, changing the nature of the seed results in an impediment to such a heavenly replication.

In the book Agriculture by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Steiner states :
That which is imaged in the single plant, is always the image of some cosmic constellation. Say we plant the seed of some plant in the earth. Here in this seed we have the stamp or impress of the whole Cosmos - from one cosmic aspect or another. The constellation takes effect in the seed; thereby it receives its special form. (This concept was the inspiration for the drawing below, "STARSEED", by Robert Harrington.Click here for protocol 80's animation: The Biodynamic Aspects of the Heavens Creating Plants)



This knowledge has been forgotten today. But the farther we go back in human history the more humanity knew the above mentioned facts.

Steiner's student, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, a noted biodynamic scientist stated in the preface of the 1977 edition of Agriculture: "The task was to reunite the plant, viewed as a system of forces under the influence of cosmic activities, with nature as a whole. Rudolf Steiner pointed out that many plants which had been 'violated,' in the sense of having been estranged from their cosmic origin, were already so far gone in degeneration that at the end of the century their propagation would be unreliable."

Twentieth century agricultural science is based on food grown from genetically altered and hybrid seeds, raised on large doses of chemical fertilizer. Since plants attempt to replicate their heavenly image, changing the nature of the seed results in an impediment to such a heavenly replication. Biodynamic science, the biodynamic preparations, and the Pfeiffer biodynamic Compost Starter and B.D. Field Spray enhance these natural energies. Why is the entire world not using the biodynamic super science to produce superior plants, seeds and animals? Biodynamics eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides and produces the healthiest food possible for animal and human consumption. It cleans up the soil and garden atmosphere, creating a healthier climate for all who work in a biodynamic garden or farm. Most
universities are unaware of this science. Their approach to seed creation still bases itself on the concept that genetics is the primary cause of life. Genetic engineering of seeds leads to inferior seeds and plants, thus food.You can help change this by growing one plant.

The Selke B.D. Cherry Tomato plants and seeds demonstrate what can be done with plants if the biodynamic principles in Rudolf Steiner's book Agriculture are studied and put into practice. They can grow twelve feet high and produce over 2000 delicious tomatoes per plant, if our organic hill is used along with planting and transplanting dates. (
More Information on the Evergreen Elm Biodynamic Tomato Seeds.)

Atlantis, Ireland, the Eye, and Horn Silica

by L.A. Rotheraine

Atlantis was lost in another ancient war
Born of wrath from Evil's Dark Lord;
The forty day biblical flood of yore.
Atlantis lies under the ocean that is Her namesake
A great salty sea soaks her ancient abyss;
Where men and Gods once toiled in nascent light,
Old Atlantis sleeps in depths of water's night.

On Atlantis we harmonized with the Angelic Nations
Knowing their music conceived all creation,
Perceiving the elements as Godly articulation.
Heat of light's warmth,
Binding and solution of wind and rain,
Solidifying freeze of ice's crystallization
We saw as alchemy of Divine Symphony.

from Thunderform Gods  by L.A. Rotheraine

In a long-lost forgotten time, when humans lived on the continent of Atlantis the secrets of nature, that the science of biodynamics is based on, were known. At the time of the last great glacial meltdown (about 12,000 years ago) the Atlanteans migrated all over the world as their once great continent became the Atlantic Ocean. But in one area of the world that survived Atlantis no migration was necessary - Ireland. Through special training that survived Atlantis the primeval Irish could still perceive the spiritual beings that create the nature kingdoms on earth and work with them in the creation of these kingdoms. This is why the Biodynamic Agricultural Science was given to us - to re-establish the working relationship between humanity and the spiritual beings that the ancients called gods and we call angels.

From the ancient Irish (Hibernian) perspective the following statement Dr. Rudolf Steiner made is the secret to the workings of our biodynamic preparation 501; horn silica. When sprayed on the plant 501 works as a sense organ for the plant to feel and thus perceive the light coming from the sun and the entire cosmos. This enables the plant to become a better material image of its heavenly archetype on earth (see LILIPOH Issue #4 A Tale of Two Tomatoes). Dr. Steiner gives us the mystery behind horn silica on November 23, 1923:

"When with ordinary consciousness we approach these primeval mountains we can of course admire them from outside. We are deeply impressed by their forms, their wonderful molding, primitive as it is, but extraordinarily eloquent. But if we approach this hardest rock of the Earth with Imaginative Consciousness we penetrate beneath the surface of mineral nature and are then able with our thinking to grow together as it were, with the rock. The soul reaches into the depths of the rock, and in spirit we enter into a holy palace of the gods. The interior is revealed to Imaginative vision as transparent and the outer surface as the walls of this palace of the gods. At the same time the knowledge comes that within this rock there is a reflection of the Cosmos outside the Earth. The world of stars is mirrored once again before the soul. Finally we get the impression that all quartz rocks are like eyes through which the Earth can see into the Cosmos. We are reminded of the many- faceted eyes of insects which divide into numbers of parts whatever comes toward them from the outside. We should, and indeed must, picture innumerable quartz and similar formations on the surface of the Earth as being eyes enabling the Earth inwardly to reflect and indeed inwardly perceive the cosmic environment. And gradually the knowledge dawns in us that every crystal formation present in the Earth is a sense organ for perceiving the Cosmos."

- Rudolf Steiner, Mystery, Knowledge and Mystery Centers

And thus, the following year, June 7, 1924 at Count Keyserlinck's estate in Koberwitz, Dr. Steiner can say from a truly Hibernian perspective:

"On the other hand, when plants evolve in such a way that they become food for humans and animals, then Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, working via the siliceous nature, are involved in the process. The siliceous nature opens the plant being to the wide spaces of the Universe and awakens the sense of the plant in such a way as to perceive from all quarters of the universe the forces which are molded by these distant planets. Whenever this occurs, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are playing their part. From the sphere of the Moon, Venus and Mercury, on the other hand, is received all that which makes plants capable of reproduction."

In the Irish (Hibernian) Mysteries the student learned that, like the horn silica we spray on the plants to allow them to perceive their cosmic archetype, the physical body is a mineral body for the soul to grow to its cosmic archetype on earth with its eternal ego. With the help of their guardian angels Hibernians learned to leave the physical or mineral body and travel with their soul. They thus learned to perceive the spiritual secrets of nature.

The physical body became the eye of the soul as the soul was trained to see the spiritual reality behind matter in order to bring the heavens to earth.

The most important aspect of horn silica (and all the biodynamic preparations) is a meditation that Dr. Steiner taught us to do that makes the biodynamic science the contemporary Hibernian Mysteries. Picture your angel as intensely as you can. Picture your angel with you as you spray the biodynamic preparations, or inoculate the soil or place a plant in the ground. Then after the deed you have performed, communicate the following to your angel:

May I have given you seeds, that you can turn into roots, that will bear fruit in the future.

The more intensely you form the picture and communication, the more effective will the fruits of your deeds be in the future.

The key to the biodynamic science is the portal to the spiritual world your farm or garden creates. The key to horn silica is the spiritual beings you bring into your garden or farm that administer the light and warmth in the construction of plants and animals.

Editor's Note:
L.A. Rotheraine is a writer, lecturer and award-winning biodynamic master gardener for Evergreen Elm in Bradford, PA.


Copyright  1997 L.A. Rotheraine
First printed in Lilipoh